Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stitch together (part 2)

2006 was a crazy year. I went from working on yachts in south Florida and going to school, framing houses in the Outer Cape to living on Horseneck beach in Westport, MA. I began the year at the Miami Ad School. The program ended in April, I moved back to the Cape at the end of the month and started looking for work in Boston. In the meantime, I was building houses with my old company and making the most of the summer. All of a sudden it was August and I was anxious to put my recent education to work.

While checking out the jobs on one day in late August, I read a posting for an entry level marketing associate at an interesting startup in Wareham. They were a growing, dynamic company, a world leader in their field and best of all they were located just over the bridge, off Route 28. I whipped up a cover letter and emailed the company my resume. No more than an hour later, I had an email wanting to arrange an interview. I can't remember, but I think I interviewed that day.

I show up for the interview and the place is located in this big, industrial warehouse two sides of offices and a manufacturing plant in the middle. They looked like they were producing some quality product. I go up to the office and there are dogs running around and a couple people working on computers and listening to music. I meet with the president, who was a young, Gung-Ho type. He was an engaging guy, with a bunch to talk about the history of Minnow Sewing Machines and how his great grandfather started Minnow Machines over 150 years ago and how they had recently moved the operations from Connecticut to Wareham.

I got a callback for a second interview right before Labor Day weekend and I was offered the job. I was taking a pay cut (-) from building houses, but it was a startup with unlimited potential (+), so I envisioned Google type, return on investment (=) $$$

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