Thursday, February 7, 2008

Honorary Lefties

Shout out to two old school nits.

Hi, my name is Polly, but you can call me Elena. Although it doesn't look like it, I have been dancing for a long time.
Hey, I'm Abby. One question I always have on my mind is: "what are you doing?" I've been known to call people and then tell them 30 seconds later: "hey, I gotta go"

These two are classic, the old 1+1=1 analogy. Individually- hilarious: together- insatiable. Like a swarm of locusts, Abby and Polly gobble up any and all attention within their immediate vicinity. When their powers are unified, it's an occurrence known as a COA, which is similar to a supernova.


Unknown said...

You're awesome.

Unknown said...

dude, you're a total ten.