Saturday, February 9, 2008


Last night, I visited the Bassett Custom Boat Works.

As I walk in their shop, I see this mini, 20 foot down-easter, lobster boat sitting on a trailer. I see a light coming out of the little cuddy cabin up front. Ian is cramped in there, rewiring all the electrical for the whole boat, in a neat, orderly fashion. "Like Cabo, he proclaims" He goes through a checklist of the new upgrades the boat is going to receive, which included a satellite radio, new instrument gauges, new cockpit windows and an LCD, with chart plotter mounted over the wheel.
Although, Ian deemed these modifications as pretty simple, it looked to me like a smorgasbord of high tech that I thought was only relegated to high priced yachts. Even though I had seen dozens of boats revitalized and resuscitated before, something clicked in my head last night. As Ian was bantering about his upgrades. He made a comment that the little boat was getting "hooked up" And I thought, damn, wouldn't this make a great TV show. A cross between Pimp My Ride and Deadliest Catch.

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