Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Uncle Fester and Bubbles jr.

I was working this past weekend into yesterday with two of the craziest dudes i've ever encountered- Uncle Fester and Bubbles jr. I didn't have enough, time, energy or wherewithal to snap a picture of these guys, but they were classic. They both looked and acted just like their namesakes, Bubbles is a character from the Iconic Canadian series- Trailer Park Boys. Bubbles jr. was from Southie and was more biker and had some USMC ink. Uncle Fester (his real nickname) was a cross between The Munster and Armish Puri- the bald headed guy from indiana jones. Fester was the boss, and he's the guy that contacted me about the work. I should have known it was gonna be a joke when he says, "can you work tomorrow" (Sunday)? What kind of contractor starts a job on a Sunday? We were to be jacking up a house and ripping out rotted framing members. I reluctantly agreed an OK'd the idea. Sunday was cool, and we just ripped off the old material worked for two days and basically got prepped for Monday- when we would jack the house up and take care of business. Monday, i wasn't on my game and these two knuckleheads had me all fucked up. "Work like Gentlemen"- to quote Mike Dangelo; would be easier said than done with Bubbles jr. and Uncle Fester.