Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Stitch together (part 3)

I show up to work on my first day at Minnow Sewing Machines and take my post at a green sewing machine table, my desk. I was in a little room adjacent to a large multi-station office area which is part of a large open office area with large cubicle desks. The president's office was across the room, his desk positioned so as to have the optimal view out his door into the office. Our office was located on the south side of the warehouse, which was about 50 feet wide and 300 feet long. The building was pretty unassuming, just another warehouse in Wareham.
There were was purchasing, shipping and parts department on on the north side of building, with a loading dock, offices and supplies. This was also the heart of the building, with the makeshift employee break room and kitchen. The middle of the building was manufacturing, where the machines were built. Sewing machines in various states of completion were being assembled at several work stations. Other machines were stacked high on industrial shelving. It was impressive to see hundreds of these little machines all over the place in different stages of completion. There were other rooms filled with parts, machines and file cabinets scattered throughout the building.

There were five people working in our "department", at this point.

Stephen (job unknown)- He had been working at the company for over a year and was always doing random assignments, at the command of the president.
Jerry (sales)- Musician and resident Mac buff, a funny guy with a dry sense of humor. He graduated from UMass, Dartmouth a few years ago and was working for the company for about a year. He lived a few towns away in New Bedford, about 15 miles away.
Geoff (graphic design)- Geoff just started a few days ago and is working with Steven cataloging digital pictures of stitch samples created by the machines.
Todd Minnow(president)- A 29 year old, self proclaimed magnate, who runs the company with his little brother, Teddy.

I was hired as a branding and marketing specialist to help build build the Minnow brand.

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