Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rocky was a Southpaw

Southpaw=Left handed fighter. Everybody knows that Apollo Creed and his management was weary of ROcky Balboa in Rocky. After the passing away of the venerable Tommy "the Duke" Morrison; who starred in Rocky V as Tommy Gunn, a character of himself, that would foreshadow Morrison's own downfall. After Morrison's passing on Sept. 1st, of complications from AIDS; I watched some Youtube videos of the great fighters of the 80's and 90's. Tommy was a great two handed boxer, who could hit hard with both hands. I found an interview from 2006, where he talks about fighting a southpaw from Russia in '96. Anyways, here's a great interview with him My all time favorite was "Iron" Mike Tyson, not a lefty, but a two handed wrecking machine and in my opinion the best of modern times.