Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tell Stories

This picture was taken shortly before I threw (said) phone into Boston harbor. While reaching into my pocket to get a picture of an incoming jet plane, I got a little excited and tossed the iPhone right into the water. But... Having lost another phone to the Atlantic Ocean, a few years ago, and witnessing it's zig-zagging descent into the abyss, I quickly reached into the water, (Zen Buddhist style) and SAVED THE PHONE from ultimate peril. It still works to this day, albeit, with a lil wavy screen scenario :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

New iTunes sucks

Back in the day... Apple was the go to music player, they were the easiest to import, export and generally user ease. Now they've ruined it. With the launch of the new iOS 8.4 of the iPhone, came another redesign . This redesign, is/was the worst update they've released. In addition to this new iMusic feature, which is mediocre at best (similar to Pandora or Soundcloud), there's this @Connect function which is a streaming (pay to use) music service. All this streaming bullshit, clogs up the formerly simple and streamlined menu bar.

 If I can even find specific music, which is virtually impossible now driving, playing the music is just as daunting, because the play button is shrunk to the size of a pen tip. I've yet to figure out why the designers didn't do their customers a 💩 and removed the SHUFFLE button... Given, it didn't work great to begin with, (usually repeating the same 10 songs) the shuffle button was easy to use and provided some variation http://www.cnet.com/news/itunes-users-hit-stumbling-blocks-with-arrival-of-apple-music/ Now I can barely find my music, and when i find it, I can't play it. Forget using in the car while driving.

Playlists?  Gimme a break; shuffle, the most important function in a music player was removed..