Sunday, November 30, 2008

tough get going

World War II, in my eyes, was America's second industrial revolution. Our country was whipped into shape, (seemingly overnight) from a post depression slug, into a manufacturing juggernaut. The story of the the Liberty ships is a true testament of our nation's competitive flair, resourcefulness and unity.

Similar stories of manufacturing marvels were reverberated across the United States, from Detroit to New Orleans, Boston to San Francisco, and everywhere in between.

It's times like these (our current economic uncertainty) that we, as Americans, need to hearken back to the stories of ingenuity and accomplishment from WW II.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

dude, I don't have a home phone

It's funny how before cellphones, I could remember dozens of phone numbers off the top of my head, now I the only numbers I remember are the ones from before cellphones. I can still remember my childhood buddies phone numbers, even if i haven't dialed them in 10 years.

If and when you lose your phone or SIM card, you're screwed, unless you backed up all your contacts.

I was talking with a friend and he was telling me how he spent an hour in the wireless store waiting to get a new charger for his cell phone. Going to the store was probably the wrong idea in the first place, considering there's usually an hour wait and you can bet their will be a shouting match whilst you are there. Anyways, he tells me that he's telling the guy: "listen, I need this charger cause i'm on call for work and I don't have a house phone". Long story short, the guy still gave him the wrong charger after an hour waiting and he had to go back.

The story made me think about how important cell phones have become to people these days, they are so dependent on them. There's a funny commercial running on TV for a wireless carrier, where they make a pun out of the "dead zone" or cell phone gaps.

It seems like land (phone) lines are becoming obsolete. When I see the phone company trucks these days (verizon in Massachusetts), they are in poor shape and you really don't see phone company trucks like you do Comcast vans and other utility vehicles. I actually like landlines, but I, like so many other people don't think it's worth paying $40+ a month for something you rarely use.

Just as the laptop computer took over the desktop; with the emergence of 802.11 wireless high speed internet, I think this ne, high speed, 3G wireless network will further erode landlines.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Went out with Nick Dorris and company on Halloween. I went over Nick's from work, I stopped at iparty to pick up some costume attire. I found a Rudy Giulliani mask for $6.99. I wore the mask backwards and put a shirt on in reverse, with a tie. once our crew was ready, we headed out to fenway to meet up with the annual halloween bike ride through the city.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yesterday was a proud day for America. Love him or hate him, nobody can deny the fact that Obama (a fellow lefty) has changed our country, for the better. It blows my mind that it was only, little over 50 years ago that segregation was commonplace in the Southern USA and just yesterday elected a black president.

I read a great piece about President Elect Obama a few weeks ago. I can't find the article, but the gist if it was that in eight years, Obama went from being a nobody, watching the 2000 Democratic National Convention and not having enough money on his credit card to rent a car, to President.