Thursday, June 19, 2008

Paradox = contradiction

Plan for tomorrow- Live for today.

Paradox = contradiction. I think it's kind of funny that our lives are surrounded by one paradox or another. "Take time to smell the roses", slow down and appreciate the time you have; a great proverb to live by, one that is almost cliche, but very true. Then there's "Carpe diem": seize the day; do as much as you can, cause there might not be a tomorrow.

I guess my solution/answer to this paradox is to live in the middle of both these. Enjoy the moment, live for the now and do what what you can, while you can.


the life that you live are the gifts you give
seasons pass like water, through a sieve
mother nature's fluid motion written in cursive

the cresting of a river with an ebb and a flow
a full moon and clear sky
light up the night with a yellow glow

it's all around
from the suburban
to the cities
and back country, rural towns

spring slips in
like an acupuncture pin
there's no pain
only daylight to gain
and a cool April rain
filling up storm drains

it's nourishment for the brain
blood pumping, from the heart
to the soul and through the vein

as the foliage grows
take time to stop and smell the rose
plant a pose
the poetry comes and goes
with rhymes like a prose
melodies, you can smell through the nose

summer time
it's time for the heat
like the candy shop, everything is a treat
so dip your toes in the water
dance in the street
move your feet
to the drum of the beat

autumn blows in
with a nor-easter wind
and trees dropping leaves

after the fall
comes the freeze
a cold blizzard blanket
and an arctic breeze

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mark "Skid" McCormick

I don't know if anyone remembers this show, but it aired in the eighties for a few years

The main character's name was Mark "Skid" McCormick (on the left). My family has called me Skid for years, how funny!!!! Here is my show:

Friday, June 13, 2008

Left-Handed Living

I go out of my way to learn about people and see what makes them tick, especially lefties. An overall consensus I have learned about this minority, is that they are all versatile people. Lefties process information in a unique manner, not just because they use their left hand to write and throw. "Southpaws" solve problems in an entirely different methodology than our right handed counterparts. We're all familiar with lefty's creativity and being "right brain" vs. "left brain", but that's baloney. Nobody uses solely only your right or left brain ( I think the core ethos of being left-handed is: adaptability and accommodation.

Being left handed, is all about versatility. I think left handed folks are very cognizant of their environment and can rapidly change to overcome obstacles. In a day and age of new ideas and "outside the box" mentality, left-handed people have been "hardwired and designed" to see things differently. Being able to adapt to a world that is run and controlled by the majority, lefties are truly an exception to natural selection. Every organism on earth has to be able to adapt to changing situations and stimuli (or else they will die), and lefties have to work harder than the norm. When confronted with challenges, lefties (in their divergent minds) have the inane ability to analyze, decipher, synthesize and react to issues= through accommodation.

I remember going to a job interview a few years ago and telling the interviewer that I was left-handed. Not a very conventional thing to bring up in an interview, but I thought, (and still do) that being left hand dominant is a character trait that is worth mentioning. It's a subconscious, neurological difference that separates us from the rest of the world.

What is left-handed?

A state of mind

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pressure Drop

"Life gets rough. Life gets tough. So tell me: What you gonna do about it?"

-Toots & the Maytals