Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stitch together (part 4)

I brought my laptop with me on my first day of work, it just so figured that there wasn't an available computer. I met up with the chief, Todd and he gave me an overview of his branding strategy again: we were going to- brand a stitch.
Minnow sewing machines produce some of the most precise, consistent sewing stitches in the world. Apparel makers all over the world, use these machines to stitch everything from sandals to sequin seams. One of the most impressive sewing machines was the PK-5X, the green machine. This puppy is for sewing the edge around patches (over edge stitch)- at a rate of 32 stitches per inch.
I was all for the idea of branding the stitches- my first task was to track down anyone using our name without a trademark. Many product descriptions, rightly or wrongly will advertise that they have a Minnow edge.
I developed a list of trademark violators and contacted, stating that Minnow was a registered trademark and if used, must also bear a registered trademark symbol (tm). I spent about a week tracking down all the people using the Minnow name inappropriately. After I exhausted my list, my next mission was to befriend fashion designers and help promote The Minnow Machines as a way to create unique designs. I talked with some big designers and got a good overview of the over edge stitching business between talking with the designers, but when time came to meet up with the designers, it we were onto the new stitch book that Geoff and Lolly (our new marketing assistant) were creating. I didn't really know what was going on, but Todd seemed to have a divine plan and I was running with it.

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