Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stitch together (part-5)

I don't know if anyone is reading this "series"and I don't really know why i'm writing it. The whole story to me is hilarious. Basically, it's another story of the American Dream, not really though. More like a curtain of deceit and lies being sewn under our noses. Although writing about it is self gratifying, I think the best medium to tell this saga is through film. I am going to keep writing it, but I am going to touch on other topics in between.

Around my fifth day working, Rick, the computer programmer started. He had just moved to Providence and found this job on craigslist, too. Rick is a great guy, he was hired to build a new website to showcase the new company. The Minnow communications department had sprouted up in about 2 weeks and was starting to take shape. We now had 4 members: Geoff, Lolly, Rick and Myself. The office was abuzz in activity, we would all spend at least 2+ hours in Todd's office in meetings, each day.

Todd was very involved with everything that went on our our side of the building, it was like his little fiefdom. On his wall was a big Turkish flag, which at first led me to believe he was of Turkish descent. I laughed when I found out the real meaning. It was actually because Todd thought of himself as a Young Turk- a revolutionary. He was a maverick that didn't follow anyone's path, and at first I was down with it. Flip-flops, hats and Macs not to mention dogs running around, it seemed pretty cool...

I later learned that this was only a facade to lure unsuspecting 20 somethings into a seemingly fun company.

Image was big with Todd. Gucci loafers, tales of gallivanting in NYC with Dov, from American Apparel. The guy has his own Wikipedia page, that he created (although he vehemently denies). He was more interested to what fashion designers I'd talked to, than how many machines Jerry, our sole salesman, was selling.
While the stitch book was beginning to take shape and we were developing our stitch branding strategy to designers and apparel brands, Todd decided that he needed to hire a fashion designer to create unique stitches with the Minnow Machines. This new designer and I were going to work together to search out and befriend designers and fashion labels to help our branding initiative. We would show them how their unique designs could benefit from using a Minnow sewing machine.
"I hired a fashion designer from RISD"- Todd proclaimed one day. Great, I'm thinking. We, the fashion designer and me can get to work using the sewing machines and start to see these incredible stitches that I'd heard so much about. The only time I saw the Minnow machines in use, was when the machine assemblers would sew off fabric for final adjustments before shipping.

One thing that stood out from day one, was how the Todd kept saying they made over 300 types of sewing machines, and I was like: "they all look the same", because, to me they did look the same. Some of them were painted blue, some green and some white, but they all shared the same shape and characteristics. All in all, they all looked identical in my eyes.

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