Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Moving out

After much consternation, procrastination and back and forth pseudo-promises (to myself and others), I've decided to suck it up and get lost. I'll be moving to Boston this September. Although I don't have a job lined up, It will give me something to work for over the next month to get my act together and pull up my pants, so to speak.

I moved back to the Cape last year, mainly to help take care of my biological father, Jim. Now that he is maintaining and I'm the one who's floundering, I felt it time to bid sayonara to the The Strong Arm. Most Cape Codders grow up here and appreciate it but once they graduate high school, want to get the hell out of here. Alaska, California and Hawaii are three locations that are frequently sought out.

Although it's technically an island, considering it's surrounded by water, it's not really considered one, because the canal is man make. Either way, the Cape has a way of holding on to you, just like Nantucket, or Martha's Vineyard and it's tough to get free. I have plenty of friends who have never lived anywhere else but the Cape. They would say to me: "Mark, that's great that you can just pick up and move around the country. I could never do it" I ask them why and they say: "cause I'm scared to go where I don't know anyone or have a network". Now these dudes are rough and tumble, but their Kryptonite is being out of their element; the unknown.

Anyone who's from the Cape can understand the love/hate relationship you have with this place. In one sense, it's the bomb: one of the most beautiful places on earth (in my opinion), but it's also a black hole vortex, that sucks you in and tough to get out of. I had to go off Cape this week and as I passed over the Bourne bridge, I thought to myself: "damn, it's been a while" (since I have been off this little hook). It was eerie, because it was the same feeling I have when I return to the Cape after being gone for a while.

By the way, I've posted the sunset picture on the top before (Casey) but It's one of my favorites and I thought it fitting to post it again.


Casey said...

good for you for making a move man...i'll keep snide remarks about recycling pics to myself...i know you're big into recycling

markmcc said...

Roger that Mr. Bean. Sherwood was down last weekend and we saw your mom at Jack's. I'll see you when you come home.

Casey said...

sweet...i'll be there friday