Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Love and hate

Like most people these days, I can say that technology have leeched into my DNA. I appreciate the connectedness that email, cellphones and internet affort me, but all this communication connectivity has its pitfalls...

I remember being in Ms. Smith's english class in high school and being asked to go to my dean's office because I was acting out and being incogruous. As I was leaving the classroom (which was filled with a host of clowns) I said to Ms. Smith, "Patience is a virtue". She was taken aback by my comment and after thinking about it for a second said: "you're right Mark, now go to the dean". I was just being a punk when I said that to Ms. Smith and I didn't really even know what I was saying, it was just impulse kicking in and me trying to get the final salvo before being tossed out of the class.

The moral of the story is, patrience really is a virtue and I can say my biggest qualm with technology is my impatience with it.

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