Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hurricane watch

The Atlantic ocean is a busy place these days, with tropical storms and hurricanes stacking up like a rush hour pile up. Each storm waiting to take out their vengance on the eastern seaboard.

Our first contestant is Hanna, who's doing a driveby right now up the coast. She's a tropical storm who just touched down on the Carolinas, so she's not really going to do much more than down some limbs, tear off some shingles and cry up the east coast.

Next in line is Ike. He's been going up and down in strength, but he'll certainly pulverize something. He's been meandering across the Atlantic and will probably pinball through the Caribbean and get slingshot into the Gulf of Mexico, or possibly back into the Atlantic.

Josephine was just downgraded to a tropical depression, from a tropical storm, but she's only 800 miles east of Cape Verde, so her trip is just beginning....

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