Monday, January 7, 2008

Forward, March

So my new year started with a few goals and I've already met two of them in under a week. Last Thursday, I took my (unrestricted) construction supervisors license test in Boston, and passed!!! This means I can supervise and build any building up to 35,000 square feet or less. In passing this exam, I have decided to focus on green building, recycling and energy efficient housing. I also went to my insurance agent today and bought a $300,000 liability insurance policy (the cheapest one they offered) that will protect me if I destroy someone's house.

I first became interested in both building and recycling when I was a kid.
-My brother and I built an ingenious underground fox hole on the power lines when we were kids- only to have it run over by a bulldozer. I could spend hours with a bucket of Lego's or Lincoln logs, constructing all sorts of crazy "stuff". I guess most kids, especially boys love to build things and it really never goes away, at least in my case.
-As far as recycling is concerned, I can remember wanting to recycle the little plastic strawberry baskets when I was about 5 years old. I thought, how can I just throw away something so useful? I think I make a tram system out of some empty baskets to transport GI Joe figures.

Funny story about the builders exam:
I took the same test last October and failed miserably. I couldn't believe it, "How could I fail an open book exam?" I thought. I found out the reason why, a few weeks later, when my buddy Aaron came over with his code books (plural). See, when I ordered the building code from the state bookstore, they only gave me the Massachusetts One and Two family Dwelling Code which is basically a chapter in the Massachusetts Building Code. I was missing the entire building code except the 1&2 family section. I basically took the exam with 1/3 of the code. Once Aaron came over and straightened me out, I was on the up and up.
Well all that is behind me, I am a licensed...
and insured.


Casey said...

congratulations again mark...also i meant to tell you that logo if awesome..did you design it? very cool...

markmcc said...

Thanks Mr. Bean. Yea, I designed the logo, pretty neat, eh?