Sunday, December 23, 2007

Beauty of YouTube

voice over: the small sailboat is about to cut in front of a large ferry boat
  • man 1: ooh, look at him. Look at him
  • man 2: what are you crazy?
  • woman 1: nice
  • man 2: what??
  • man 1: holy smokes are you crazy?
  • man 3: Jesus Christ
  • woman 2: holy F#@K
--sounds of wood splintering--
  • camera man: holy F#@k
The beauty of YouTube and it's addictive, instantaneous response to your desires. It delivers whatever you throw at. Who needs television, when you can watch unscripted disasters unfold before your eyes.

This video is only 17 seconds and listen to this riveting tale but the narration by the ferry boat passengers is riveting.

What's just as interesting and maybe more so to me are the Comments & Responses on YouTube. You can really get a feel for the subject you are getting into, even without knowing anything about it. I spent 4 hours last night reading over 800 comments about the South Korea Next Generation Main Battle Tank XK2 .

Let me tell you, it was Tank 101. These people knew their shit and were passionate about it. It was fueling heated dialog between tank aficionados pitting their knowledge against the other in their own little battlefield.


Casey said...

after that video plays, did you see one of the other videos that comes up, of the tanker's anchor dropping onto the deck of a little tug? check it out...silly...merry xmas marcos

markmcc said...

Same to you Beano, sorry for the lag in response time. Happy New Years!!!