Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lee Lorch: mathematician + civil rights activist + professor + WWII vet= all around amazing guy

Lee Lorch, who is this guy I stumbled upon, while researching Stuyvesant Town? In my opinion, Professor Lorch (at 98 years young) should be given the Nobel Peace Prize, or similar type medal of commendation. Dr. Lorch, after receiving his Ph.D, worked in the war effort stateside, only to enlist during WWII in the US Army. After returning home after the war, and building upon the racial injustices seen in WWII, Lee Lorch began teaching Math and simultaneously began his own war against racial inequality in the United States of America. A recent NYTimes article (of which i borrowed the header picture) does a tasteful job of outlining this Colorful Patriot. A great tribute to Lee Lorch is given by Dr. Scott W. Williams, Professor of Mathematics, University of Buffalo

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