Friday, June 14, 2013

"Print is dead" - Dr. Egon Spengler

Most websites would kill for increased traffic. Buying ad-space from Google and increasing their online presence by cleaning up their pages with meta-tags blah, blah... So why is it that certain websites; mainly stodgy, old "newsprint networks" insist on driving away traffic? Requiring usernames and payment? I get it, they can't make money with print anymore, so they must resort to online revenue to keep them afloat.

Filling up the boarders with banner ads for Acai berry diets doesn't really pay, and instead of figuring out a better model for online marketing, news networks are incresingly require an account be created- the user may or not have to pay $$$ for the same news you can read for free by just googling.

I will choose the latter and not support the printing press dinosaurs. Instead, I'll rely on Google, Reuters, Associated Press, and social media- for free and current, news and events. Everybody out there is a journalist these days, with news/information being uploaded worldwide instantaneously through online publishing. Social media and independent news is the way it's gonna be, so get with the program.

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