Thursday, May 28, 2009

US Govt=GM

With the ensuing bailout of the soon to be bankrupt General Motors, I think the citizens of the USA and their representatives should have a say in how the failing auto manufacturer should be run. First, you can't be everything to everybody. What GM brands are worth saving, worth abandoning and what products work for the company? Competitive, efficient, and reliable is a good start. The Corvette, is a world class super car, why can't they translate that success into a decent lineup of cars and trucks? Let's bring some diesel models into the mix. I saw a VW commercial saying the new TDI diesel Jetta set a world record at over 58 mpg!!

I just read a good article about GM's information technology (IT) suppliers getting shafted during the bankruptcy. Go to Chevy's website and the paradox of GM comes to full circle. Great website, all the bells and whistles, too bad the company is BANKRUPT :( Maybe they should pay more attention to the competition, instead of captivating us with just another lame, Flash website.
Their only small, economical car Chevy markets is made by Doosan Daewoo, in Korea. It's not a good car at all, the Nissan Versa and Toyota Yaris are similarly priced, and twice the car as the Chevy Aveo. I've rented both cars and I was nervous at over 75 with the Chevwoo. The gas mileage was mediocre at best. Take a page out of the Japan story (GM)- start building small, cool cars that will run forever and get great gas mileage.
Here's a simple GM math equasion:
good value + reliable + efficient = Profits

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Hey Mark...Hope you will post again. Your writing is good!